Gulf Coast Tick

This tick species is related to the Lone Star Tick and is found in coastal areas on the Atlantic coast and Gulf of Mexico.  This species has been found in Virginia, so Maryland residents should be aware of the potential for this tick to expand its geographic range. This is a small type of tick, similar in marking to the American dog tick, but smaller in size. This tick is considered an emerging threat.


Of the many different tick species found throughout the world, only a select few bite and transmit disease to humans. These maps provide general insight into the expected distribution these human-biting ticks in the contiguous United States. Populations of ticks may be found outside noted areas. Naturally occurring populations of the ticks described below do not occur in Alaska; however, the brown dog tick is endemic in Hawaii.

Note that adult ticks are the easiest to identify and male and female ticks of the same species may look different. Nymphal and larval ticks are very small and may be difficult to identify.